Hurricane Shandy: A tale of two travelers



With darkness setting in, and the wind howling from the oncoming
hurricane, I decided to try two samples from The House of Shandy Beer Co. 

Thus, Hurricane Shandy.

(Insert chuckle here.
Or not.)

house_of_shandy_2.jpgFrom above.

Curious Traveler Shandy is a wheat beer brewed with lemon
and lime.  Tenacious Traveler is also a
wheat beer, but brewed with ginger and clover honey.  They are similarly refreshing, balanced and
nuanced without the spicing being too overt.
I enjoyed the Tenacious Traveler a little more.

I have had a shandy or two on a warm summer’s day.  I can say without the slightest reddening of
the cheeks that these were as good or better than any shandy I have the pleasure
of tasting.

If you enjoy shandy, you would do well to try them. While I
am a sucker and a fool for nicely packaged beverages and clever marketing ploys,
the whimsical traveler theme, false mustaches and thoughtfully designed informational
s go hand in hand with an equally engaging product.

Everyone have a safe and dry (rain-wise) evening.

More on The House of Shandy here:

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