Long Island’s craft beer scene “explodes”

Terrific article from LongIslandPress.com on the explosion of the craft beer scene in recent years.  Interesting detail, photos, and a list of Long Island breweries. What more could one ask?

From the article:

Towing a 170-lb. beer keg on the back of his company bicycle to a pub
in tourist-clogged downtown Montauk on a recent sweaty summer
afternoon, Vaughan Cutillo stops traffic as passersby marvel aloud at
the spectacle. It’s not the handsome 27-year-old’s public show of strength that
turns heads and prompts shouts of encouragement, however. Many are just
learning that the Montauk Brewing Company opened its headquarters near
the traffic circle six weeks ago–and that bike is among their most
visible advertising….

Full Story: http://www.longislandpress.com/2012/08/09/long-islands-craft-beer-explosion

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