Crimes against beer! Sixpoint goes to Texas! Hop revivals! Links!!

So many quality stories to link to!  And the headline is just the beginning.

Read on for an ever-so-solid array of late August New York craft beer links, from a new limited edition offering from the Bronx Brewery to growing hops in upstate, to well, just a lot of stuff!

Garrett Oliver on crimes against beer
Beer guru Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery opens up about the
troubling treatment of beer in America, from uninformed waiters to jelly

Story here:

Bronx Brewery launches limited edition beer
The Bronx Brewery introduced a new beer this week — only the second draft the company’s turned out since starting production last fall — but it’s being offered for a limited time only.

Sixpoint leaps into Texas market
As of this week, Sixpoint has taken another huge step, leapfrogging
quite a few other states to start selling beer in Texas. Locally, the
beers are being distributed by Silver Eagle Distributors and Del Papa
Distributing. They are also available in Austin and Fort Worth….

Story here:

Rochester’s ROC Brewing launches second commercial with Sam Adams
Jim mentors the fledgling Roc Brewing Company through challenges faced
by a startup craft brewery. Part two focuses on Roc Brewing’s history
and their success in the program. It’s a video!

Video here:

A hops revival in Ontario County

On a Saturday afternoon in August, friends and family gathered for a
celebration at the Bowerman farm in Victor. Stories were shared and
laughs were had. However, there was one problem: The keg was kicked. Luckily, that’s not too much of an obstacle when the hosts are hops farmers.

Story here:

Empire Brewing serves up fresh and local
It’s a busy Sunday brunch time at Empire Brewing
Company in Syracuse. Behind the line, cooks shout orders and the dining
area is filling up with customers. A blues band is getting ready to
play a set, a weekly tradition here.

Story here:

Saranac Lake OK’s microbrewery
The village Planning Board has OK’d Mark Gillis’ plan to convert the
former Carcuzzi car wash building on Lake Flower Avenue into a

Story here:

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