Celebrating July 4th with Innis & Gunn


A Scottish beer to celebrate American independence?

Sure, if it tastes good.

I had the pleasure to sample Innis & Gunn’s “Independence Beer,” and as the daylight faded, I also snapped a few photos on my weather-worn picnic table.  An appropriate place as any to consume a July 4th beverage.

Photos and more info after the jump…..

So what’s the inspiration?  From the official press release:

This Summer, pioneering Scottish craft
beer maker, Innis & Gunn, launches its NEW limited edition
‘Independence Day’ beer in celebration of Scotland’s centuries-old ties
with the USA. Never before has a beer maker dedicated a brew to this
specific day and, as Dougal Sharp, CEO of Innis & Gunn, explains,
the brand would not exist without the American Oak that is used to
flavor the beer.

Makes sense to me.  Anyway, I did enjoy the beer. It receives the “I would spend money to buy this in a store” rating. If you are interested in a more technical review of the beer, there’s always Beer Advocate:


And then of course, an official site:


And I did mention some more photos:


Cheers, and Happy Fourth.

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