History! Roc Brewing! Custom Brewcrafters! Sixpoint! Brewfests!

It’s Thursday! Practically the weekend!

I will be camping, so the following links will have to hold you over.

Find recent links of interest dealing with History! Roc Brewing! Custom Brewcrafters! Sixpoint! Brewfests!

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I have a sincere love of history and beer, so this link just makes sense:

Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History

To consider the fascinating yet largely anonymous legacy of beer brewing
in New York City, the New-York Historical Society presents Beer Here: Brewing New York’s History. This
exhibit surveys the social, economic, political, and technological
history of the production and consumption of beer, ale, and porter in
the city from the seventeenth century to the present.


Sixpoint’s “Mad Scientist” Spruce Tip Ale

A Mad Scientist’s job never ceases. Therefore, when Sixpoint Headbrewer
Ian McConnell was on vacation with family in Maine, he plucked bushels
of fresh spruce tips from the woods. These young needles from the spruce
tree in spring are an unexpected culinary gem — bursting with a tart,
fruity flavor and fresh essence that is quite unlike anything else.
These wild-foraged finds would somehow make it into a Mad Scientists
creation from Sixpoint — but what would it taste like after the boil?
And what else would it lend to the overall beer, used in combination
with a similarly tropical-tasting hop, Simcoe?


This next video of interest I first saw watching Caddyshack on IFC.  And I was like, “I’m going to tweet about this.”

Roc Brewing Company, meet Mr. Samuel Adams

“Brewing the American Dream.” 


Staying in the greater Rochester area for this next link…

“Foodie” day trip starts off at Custom Brewcrafters

As a chef, my perfect day trip blends culture and cuisine. That’s why
Honeoye Falls is a favorite destination of mine. Here’s what I found on
a recent trip up 5 & 20.The journey
began at Custom BrewCrafters for a quick but small taste (hey, we’re
driving) of brews at the hands of master crafters Mike and Luanne


Lastly, Saratoga HAD a brewfest:


And Buffalo is HAVING a brewfest:


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