Guinness Foreign Extra Stout and other frothy tidbits

gfes.jpgI’m not really much for reviewing beer.  The deluge of opinion on the Web doesn’t make it necessary, and there are plenty of other blogs who can do a much better job.  Eventually the descriptors all start to sound the same to me (perhaps I’m jaded?) and isn’t it all subjective anyway?

Well, anyway, I was happy to receive some complimentary Guinness Foreign Extra Stout to try.  And since I enjoyed it, I wanted to share that.  Here’s my review: It’s like Guinness, only with more flavor.

Here’s what Guinness had to say:

GUINNESSĀ® Foreign Extra Stout (FES) is brewed with the highest hop rate of all the GUINNESSĀ® variants. The generous hop additions express fully the beers distinctive character and flavor while also prolonging shelf life in warmer climates, as hops are the best natural preservative for beer. GUINNESS FES is uniquely different from GUINNESS Draught both in taste profile, color and ritual.


If I receive more beer, I’ll be glad to share another single sentence review.  Heck, maybe even two sentences.

Another cool thing that happened recently was the Autumn Festival of Ales in Honeoye Falls, near Rochester.  The event is a celebration of Custom Brewcrafters’ wide range of contract brews, and several area bars and restaurants were on hand to pour samples. The cloudy weather didn’t put a damper on this great event with a friendly, community vibe.    

The same weekend was the Get Real NY cask ale event in New York City.  Wasn’t able to clone myself for that one, but it sounded like a blast.  The Huffington Post blogged the event and NY Craft Beer Week.  (Forgive their inability to spell Ithaca).

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