So, you’re not going to GABF

Once a year, as summer wanes and the temperatures begin dropping, a certain acronym seems to be on the tips of the fingers of craft beer bloggers and Twitterati.

GABF (Gab-Fuh, as I pronounce it).

The Great American Beer Festival in Denver is one of the best known beer events in the world.  It’s like the World Series of beer. 

I’ve never been.  And that won’t be changing, at least this year.

And I know I’m not alone.  Others, hampered by fiscal realities and obligations, must also sit and listen to the all the buzz, filling the void created by all the surrounding excitement.

I’ve comforted myself in the fact that one can only drink so much beer in a day or even weekend.  But still. 

Residents of New York state have options to fill their void.  September 24th to October 3rd is Craft Beer Week in New York City.  I’ve been hearing a lot about GRNY (more acronyms!), or Get Real New York, a cask ale event taking place in the city during that week.

Yet, if you’re an upstater like me, the city can feel as far away as Denver at times.

Don’t cry for me too hard.  I recently had a grand time at the Mount Snow Brewers Festival in Vermont.  And soon I’ll be attending the Custom Brewcrafters’ Autumn Festival of Ales in Honeoye Falls near Rochester. 

As for GABF, there’s always next year.

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