Craft beer “heroes” join forces to create super beer

We’ve all heard of  “supergroups,” music artists joining forces to create high-profile bands (for better or for worse).  Well, how does a brewing supergroup strike you?

…Phil Leinhart from Brewery Ommegang, Scott Vaccaro from Captain Lawrence Brewing Co., Casey Hughes from Flying Fish Brewing Co., Phil Markowski from Southampton Publick House, Jeff “Chief” O’Neil and Eric “Hutch” Kugeman from Ithaca Beer Co., and special guest Steve Altimari from Valley Brewing Co. in Stockton, California will join forces in Ithaca, NY inside the Ithaca Beer Co. brew house to create a collaborative super brew…

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The brewing is going down June 18th.  Want to meet the “super brewers?”  Want to taste the collaborative result?  Check out the article for more info.

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