Trouble brewing over Flying Bison sale to Matt Brewing Co.?

Sorry.  I couldn’t resist the bad pun in the headline. I’ll try to rein it in from now on.

Apparently a battle amongst shareholders of Buffalo’s Flying Bison Brewing Co. is holding up a deal with the Matt Brewing Co. (makers of Saranac).

From The Buffalo News:

A month after halting beer production in mid-January due to financial troubles, it looked like Flying Bison Brewing Co. had found a solution to keep its suds flowing. The majority of its shareholders had voted to approve the transfer of Flying Bison’s assets to Saranac beer maker Matt Brewing Co., which vowed to ramp up production, invest in the facility, and keep the brewery in Buffalo open. Flying Bison announced its retail store would be back up and running, stocked with Flying Bison beer by April 10. That date came and went as a handful of dissenting shareholders fought the Matt sale…

Full story here.

The full article has a lot of detail.  And 35 comments and counting.

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