Shmaltz Brewing on the Beer Break podcast

beerbreak2.pngIn this edition of the Beer Break podcast, we sample craft beers from Shmaltz Brewing Co., discuss the one-year anniversary of the blog, and other craft beer news.

Want to be heard on a future podcast? Call (315) 908-BREW (2739) and leave a brief voicemail.

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2 thoughts on “Shmaltz Brewing on the Beer Break podcast

  1. Nice podcast guys. I have to admit that I did not listen to the whole thing (28 minutes is a little long).
    One of the common themes for Shmaltz is their love for rye. You can see that in your podcast with 2 of the 3 beers having rye in them.
    I thought the Jewbelation needed AT LEAST a year to lay down, it was way to harsh now.
    All in all, Shmaltz is a great brewery with great people working there who make great beer.

  2. I think your advice on the Jewbelation is well-taken. Also,I noticed you had a Shmaltz dinner recently at the Aroma Thyme Bistro, sounded good!
    And yeah, the podcast definitely keeps on going. Eventually maybe we’ll learn to wrap it up sooner :) But once we get going…

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