Foaming Head blog at full speed

Things have been a little slow around here.  It’s the nature of blogging being second to an increasingly long list of demanding time-suckers.  Yeah, yeah… I know… excuses.  But I promise to keep at it.

Fortuitously, the Foaming Head site has been running at full speed recently!  The number of updates have been quite commendable:

Beer reviews

Kevin of the Foaming Head has a great system for reviewing beers, and has a lot of New York beer reviews recently posted including Brown’s Brewing, Shmaltz and Cooperstown Brewing Co.

Beer news

The New York blog at the Foaming Head has also had some very interesting posts including news of the Peekskill Brewing expanding and Saranac mulling over a purchase of the Flying Bison brewery in Buffalo, NY.


The Foaming Head has also put together a nice newsletter with lots of updates. You can sign up for it on the homepage.  A lot of local events are included.


Cheers to the Foaming Head for all the updates, and I promise to keep at the blogging over here as well!

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