Dundee relaunches original Honey Brown

Update from the Drinks Business Review: Jason Drewniak, brand manager for The Original Honey Brown, said: “We’re excited to re-launch a popular beer that people once loved. Back in the late 90s, the brewery failed to recognize they had a hit on their hands with The Original Honey Brown. Check out the complete article here.

Foaming Head blog at full speed

Things have been a little slow around here.  It’s the nature of blogging being second to an increasingly long list of demanding time-suckers.  Yeah, yeah… I know… excuses.  But I promise to keep at it. Fortuitously, the Foaming Head site has been running at full speed recently!  The number of updates have been quite commendable:…

Post-fire, Saranac comes back stronger

From a recent article in the Utica Observer-Dispatch about the FX Matt Brewery and its road back from the devastating fire in 2008:  The F.X. Matt Brewery is rising from the ashes of the May 2008 fire with additional storage space, increased efficiency and more versatility, company officials said… Read full article here.

Shmaltz Brewing on the Beer Break podcast

In this edition of the Beer Break podcast, we sample craft beers from Shmaltz Brewing Co., discuss the one-year anniversary of the blog, and other craft beer news. Want to be heard on a future podcast? Call (315) 908-BREW (2739) and leave a brief voicemail. Subscribe to RSS | Download MP3

Ommegang announces 2010 Innovation Program, new beers

I first saw this on BeerNews.org, and was so excited I just had to post about it here, too! A press release from Ommegang announces a new “Innovation Program” for 2010.  If you listened to our Cooperstown-themed podcast, you might remember that Ommegang is expanding their operation.  Well, this development is a direct result of…