Saranac Irish Stout a canny offering

irish_stout.jpgThe last thing I needed to buy was more beer.  But the allure of Saranac’s branding of their new Irish Stout was too strong.  The sleek, black packaging and celtic-inspired shamrock called out to that wee bit of Irish knocking around in my bloodstream.

Saranac has already found success with its Irish Red Ale, initially brewed for The Great American Irish Festival.  It’s a great marketing ploy come March, as well.  What better beer to grab than a frothy, locally-brewed, Irish-approved beverage?

Guinness?  Could be a contender…

Unless you could order a Saranac Irish Stout!

Saranac describes the Irish Stout as “a lavish beer blended with dark malts to create a coffee like taste…. (with) a roasted character that is surprisingly smooth and refreshing…”

My beer reviewing faculties are not my strongest suit.  But I noticed some coffee-notes in the aroma, and the beer, from presentation to drinkability, is not unlike a Guinness, although not a clone by any means.

Saranac Irish Stout is available in six-packs, What Ales You, and is also on tap.

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