One year later: The NY Brew Authority’s most popular posts

Just about a year ago, the New York Brew Authority was born.  It’s over a hundred posts later, and the blog is still kicking.  Thank you to all the readers who visited the site over the last year and helped make the following blog entries the top 13 most popular pages.  I probably wouldn’t have guessed it would have made it even this long :)

Some of the earlier posts have had the advantage of accumulating page views over a longer period of time, but traffic to the site has continually increased, so newer posts have had more visibility to help balance that.

Without any further ado:

Brew Tour: One kick-ass ale for Albany
Original Post Date: March 9, 2009
A great place to eat and drink.  Plus use of the word “ass” in the name of a delicious beer.
Sixpoint Brewery featured in Wall Street Journal vid
Original Post Date: March 18, 2009
A boost to the ego when one of your most viewed posts is two sentences and a link. 
Hop farming, in your backyard
Original Post Date: Feb. 10, 2009
One of my earliest posts, touching on New York’s rich hop heritage, and my own intent to try growing hops. (I did and it went pretty well).
Bumper crop puts dent in hop shortage
Original Post Date: Feb. 3, 2009
Search engine traffic brought a fair amount of traffic to this quick hit about an increase in hop availability.
Rusted Root added to Saranac Concert Series
Original Post Date: April 6, 2009
Hey, it’s a great venue for music and beer.  ‘Nuff said.
Saranac Thursdays band lineup announced
Original Post Date: May 11, 2009
One of the Mohawk Valley’s most popular summer events.
High Falls Brewery for sale?
Original Post Date: Feb. 9, 2009
This rumor which turned out to be true coincided nicely with the launch of the blog. 
Beer consumption by country, state
Original Post Date: Oct. 5, 2009
A reader email was the inspiration for this post that contrasts the beer consumption in New York to the rest of the country.
A look inside the FX Matt Brewery and Saranac’s new 12 Beers of Winter
Original Post Date: Oct. 25, 2009
The Brew Authority,along with other beer bloggers and writers, got a chance for a special trip to the FX Matt Brewery.
Saranac thinks summer with Blues Traveler, thursdays & wheat beer
Original Post Date: Feb. 15, 2009
The title speaks for itself.
Ommegang charity event features Huey Lewis and the News
Original Post Date: June 4, 2009
It wasn’t cheap, but at least it was great beer for a good cause.
Raising the beer tax in New York
Original Post Date: Feb. 15, 2009
A quick hit on a possible increase in New York’s excise tax.
Congratulations New York 2009 Great American Beer Festival Winners
Original Post Date: Sept. 26, 2009
New York Breweries bring some medals home.


1- Browns Brewing
2- Cooperstown Beverage Trail
3- Southern Tier 

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