New brewery, beer lists, video interviews & caffeine in beer

A lot going on in New York recently for this week in blog and web.  Enjoy!

The Daily Mail
Microbrewery owners look to 2010 opening
Leading off this week’s edition is news of a new Catskills area brewery.  The Crossroads Brewing Company has a planned opening in 2010 in Athens, NY.  Beer will be brewed on location for both retail and commercial sales.

Must Love Beer
Wine Enthusiast names top 25 beers of 2009
So… if you love wine, what would a list of top beers look like from your perspective?  Wine Enthusiast has given it a shot.  Number one on the list is New York State’s own Captain Lawrence Brewing Company.  Southern Tier makes the list, not far behind.

Here for the Beer
Six Point Craft Ales – Interview with Founder Shane Welch
Shane Welch of Six Point discusses the brewery’s distribution strategy in this video interview.  Interesting insights on starting the brewery as well, including a stint where he actually made it his home.

The Village Voice
Our Ten Best Beers
This New York City publication lists what they call their “ten best beers.”  Any surprise that exactly half of them are made by New York breweries, including the top three picks? 

The Washington Post
FDA issues a wake-up call about additives
So is caffeine in beer dangerous?  The FDA sent letters to makers of alcoholic beverages with caffeine in them, giving them a month to prove they are safe.  Among the recipients is the Ithaca Beer Co.

2 thoughts on “New brewery, beer lists, video interviews & caffeine in beer

  1. Great post Blake. A lot to talk about. Interesting with the FDA.
    -Did Keegan get the notice for their Joe Mama’s Stout (Mothers Milk with coffee?)
    -I posted a blog today with my thoughts on WE’s Top 25 list.
    -Blue Point’s Toasted lager is a very nice beer. A Top 10 beer in the world? Yikes.
    -I am looking into the Crossroads thing as we speak. More craft beer? Brilliant!

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