Merry Beer Break Christmas

beerbreak_santa.pngIn this episode of the Beer Break Podcast, we sample holiday craft beers and discuss 10 gift ideas for the craft beer enthusiast.

Also new this episode: Listener comments- Thanks to our wonderful audience!  Leave one at (315) 908-BREW and we may include it in our next recording.  Happy holidays!

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6 thoughts on “Merry Beer Break Christmas

  1. I’m biased, but I’d say this may be the most entertaining episode yet. Also a big thanks to Tom for nice editing job… and to our listeners for their comments… looking forward to more.

  2. Yes… you’re right. This *IS* the most entertaining episode yet (and was also the most fun to cut together in post).
    Listeners, please, keep those comments coming in! It’s really exciting to get some feedback and makes for a great segment of the show.

  3. First time listening to the podcast guys.
    Here were some of the winter beers and the ratings I gave them.
    Wizards – 82
    Dundee Festive – 86
    Saranac Winter Lager – 83
    Southern Tier Old Man Winter – 85
    Ithaca Cold Front – 87
    Check out the descriptions at Next up is Blue Point’s Winter Ale and Ommegang Adoration.

  4. Always entertaining!! There was definitely some interesting ideas for beer gifts. I mean, Beer Soap?! Never heard of it, till now!! I have a suggestion for “The Beer Break” that might make it better as well as making better for your visitors/fans at the same time. My suggestion would be that while the podcast is “playing”, that the site visitor can listen to it while browsing the rest of the site including “clicking” other links without stopping the podcast. Maybe the podcast can open up in another window? As always, another enjoyable “5″ minutes!! ;)

  5. Kevin: Always enjoy your reviews on The Foaming Head and find them very useful. Thanks for listening.
    MK: That’s a good idea, actually. I may have to look into it. For the time being, an alternative could be to download the mp3 and listen to that as you continue to browse.

  6. Kevin: I’ll definitely be interested to see what you think of Adoration! I have yet to try it, but am very eager to give it a taste.
    Have a very Merry Christmas, everyone!

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