3 thoughts on “Sampling Southern Tier on the Beer Break podcast

  1. w00t!

    We recorded this a few days ago, and I find myself wanting another UnEarthly bomber ASAP. Give the show a listen and you’ll hear Blake and I gush over this offering from Southern Tier for 20 minutes ;-)

    I promise you’ll be entertained (and you might even learn something!)

  2. Once again the 5 Minute Beer Break was entertaining and informative with the right balance of both. Once I heard the tops popping and the beer pouring, it made me want a beer!! You guys seemed to enjoy this beer alot. If I can find it, I’ll give it a shot with the 2 stellar endorsements you gave. Also, a final thought, you guys should consider dropping the “5 Minutes” from your title and just call it “The Beer Break” or if you want a sense of time in there, “The 20 Minute Beer Break”.

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