This week in blog: Why brew? Brooklyn, Keegan Ales, Rooster Fish & Pumking

Lots of interesting stuff happening this week in the New York beer world. One of the most solid editions of this week in blog yet, at least in my opinion.

Brooklyn Brewery Blog
The Scoop on Our Grant and Forthcoming Brewery Expansion
New York State awarded the Brooklyn Brewery $800,000 to jumpstart their $6.5 million expansion.  Plenty of details in this blog post.

New York Times: The Pour
Call It Stout, Though It Isn’t
So what exactly makes a stout a stout?  Check out their list of top 10 North American stouts, too.  Keegan Ales is #10.  And if you haven’t had Mother’s Milk yet, maybe it’s time to try it!

Elmira Star-Gazette
Rooster Fish Brewing takes top honors at beer fest
Recognition for a Watkins Glen brewery.  Watkins Glen, by the way, is a beautiful place to visit.  And now you know where to find the beer!

Fermentation Friday for October – Why Brew?
A thoughtful post that looks into personal motivation for brewing.

Must Love Beer
Tasting Notes: Southern Tier Pumking
A bit late in the season, and yet, somehow I still haven’t gotten a bottle.  Maybe I can dig one up in time for Halloween tomorrow… Nice photo with the tasting notes.


One thought on “This week in blog: Why brew? Brooklyn, Keegan Ales, Rooster Fish & Pumking

  1. Somehow I failed to mention that the #1 Stout on The Pour list is Black Hawk Stout from Mendocino Brewing, whose beer is also made at The Olde Saratoga Brewery in addition to California.

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