The Brew Authority’s “Five Minute Beer Break” podcast

beerbreak2.pngWelcome to the pilot episode of the New York Brew Authority’s first podcast.  Before you stumble into this new aural experience a few items to note:

* Our Five Minute Beer Break turned into over 20 minutes :)
* The podcast is first-run, unrehearsed and 100% organic
* There are a couple small warts, including me calling GABF “The Great American Brew Fest”

That said, we’d love your feedback, good or bad.

Episode 1: Tasting Brown’s Brewing IPA (Troy, NY)   

Subscribe to the podcast here. Download the mp3 here.

6 thoughts on “The Brew Authority’s “Five Minute Beer Break” podcast

  1. Well… I guess that’s it :-)
    Things I’d like to do better with the next episode:
    1 – Improve audio capture (it leaves a little to be desired)
    2 – Enjoy the beer more :-)
    3 – Improve the final track mixdown so that we can encode at 128k instead of 96k. The 128k files are just too big for distribution, yet the 96k rates are a little “pixelated” (if you can imaging applying that adjective to audio).
    Overall, I’m pleased, though, and can’t wait for our next drinking… er… i mean recording session!

  2. Although I’m not a huge beer consumer and not into the bitter or more bitter beers (to say the least), I found your pilot podcast both informative and enjoyable to listen to. I learned some little tidbits about beer drinking per capita and was entertained (sometimes laughing out loud) by the back and forth banter. I enjoyed the “Day Bartender” jingle at the end of the podcast as well. Might I suggest you start off your next podcast with a shortened version of it as well to “book-end” it? I look forward to hearing your next podcast.

  3. Thanks for the comment, good to know the music choices are working, too. I am excited to see how the next, upcoming episode compares to the first.

  4. Great job on your first podcast, guys! I don’t suppose you’ll ever do anything on hard cider, what with being the brew authority and all… but I do love it this time of year. Anyway, hope to hear more from you guys soon! (Love the music)

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