Syracuse beer week shaping up

syr_beer_week.pngIt’s almost beer time in the ‘Cuse.  Syracuse Beer Week will run from November 1 – 7 this year, and the calendar of events is beginning to fill up.

A sampling of highlights from the week:

Sunday: Meet and greet with Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver at Empire Brewing Co.

Monday – Wednesday: Free samples at the Middle Ages brewery

Tuesday: Saranac and Magic Hat samplings at Green Hills Farms

Wednesday: Empire Brewing Co. Home Brew contest

Thursday: Great Lakes Christmas Ale Kick-Off Party at The Blue Tusk

Friday: Duvel Day at the Blue Tusk

This is just a small selection of the many beer tastings, dinners and events happening throughout the week, and more are likely to be added.  For a full calendar of events and more information on Syracuse Beer Week, visit the official site

3 thoughts on “Syracuse beer week shaping up

  1. Lots of great events on their website. I can’t wait. The rare and extreme beer tasting at Kitty Hoynes on Wednesday includes some amazing selections including Atlantic IPA from Brew Dog and 2008 Raison D’ Extra at 21% alcohol from our good friends at Dogfish!

  2. presents an extreme beer tasting at Kitty Hoynes in Armory Square hosted by resident beer guru Spencer Noakes.
    Showcase of our event is the rarer than rare Atlantic IPA from Brew
    Dog. The extreme on the alcohol side at 20%+ will be cellared ’08
    Raison D’ Extra from Dogfishead, Extreme is not always about hops and we will have 20th anniversary Fraoch Heather aged in whiskey barels brewed with no hops. We will have the first Upstate NY release of Bashah (black as night, hoppy as sin) the Stone/BrewDDog
    collaboration high-lighting the community spirit of our industry. We
    will also have cellared ’07 Mephistopheles from Avery to showcase how black
    and dark a beer can be. We will have something mouth-puckeringly sour
    - I’m not sure what yet. More to come. Cost is $20 for the tasting.

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