Genny on the block

genny.jpgThe revival of classic brands in an appeal to new, younger generations is nothing new, and now it’s Genny’s turn to take the spotlight.

According to the Daily Finance blog, the marketing effort will be turned up for the Genesee brand, out of Rochester, New York.

From the article:

It’s the first time many of these brands will have been marketed significantly in nearly a decade, Bodenham says. “Genesee is a brand that a lot of people want to see win. People have connections or have heard of the brand, but because of instability of ownership, especially in the last three to four years, we saw a brand that was at one point making 3 million barrels a year go to one-half million barrels per year.”

You probably won’t see Genny marketed in the craft beer segment; this is a battle that will pit it against beer brand behemoths such as Budweiser and Coors.

Personally, I wish the Genesee campaign luck.  “Genny” has been a fixture in beer heritage in upstate New York and beyond, and I’m sure many have their own personal Genny stories.

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