Beer consumption by country, state

An interesting link was emailed to me recently comparing beer consumption by country (see here).  Judging by the selective list of the countries included, and by a few of the reader comments, the list is far from a complete picture of world beer consumption.  But, it does give an interesting visual comparison.  The chart provided has US beer consumption at around 4.4 bottles a week, which is higher than some countries, and lower than others.  If the same chart were comparing vodka consumption, I’d have to guess Russia would be at the top.

That got me thinking about beer consumption by state.  Where does New York State fall?

According to the Beer Institute, in 2008 New York State’s per capita beer consumption was 23.2 gallons per 21+ year-old, for a grand ranking of 50th out of 50 states.  Number one, according to the chart, was Montana, at a whopping 43.5 gallons per drinking age person.

However, just going by total beer consumed by state, New York jumps to 4th place.  So a lot of beer is being consumed, but I’m guessing there are significant differences in demographics and what types of alcohol are favored in New York vs. other more beery states.  New York has a robust wine culture, and I’m sure plenty of harder spirits are competitors too.  I’d be curious to see a comparison of beer consumption of downstate vs. upstate, though.

Of course, what this all doesn’t take into account is what kind of beer is being consumed.  Being number one for having the most Budweiser consumed may be a dubious honor.

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