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Yes, time for another edition of “This Week in Blog” and other items of interest to the New York craft beer drinker on the Web!

Lexington Herald-Leader
The best cheap beers by a yard
So, Saranac Pale Ale is mentioned in this article and there is also a poll for “the best cheap beer.”  “Inexpensive” sounds like a better adjective to me, but Saranac Pale Ale got my vote, and you can add yours too!

NY Craft Beer Week
Last chance to participate… ends tomorrow.

Latest weapon in the fight against drunk driving… Syringes?
This may not be happening in NYS yet… but… creepy. Link via @beerwars on Twitter.

The Foaming Head
Review: Ithaca alpHalpHa
An interesting beer with an interesting name.

Burgers and Brews
Review: Blue Point Oktoberfest
This was actually posted August 31st, but it seems timely.  Spoiler: graded a B.  Oops. Drinks Blog
Hops in Upstate New York: It’s a small but growing industry
A preview of the Madison County Hop Fest this weekend with a little color.


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