Utica Club again canned in Utica

Utica Club fans have reason to cheer- canning is back in action at the FX Matt Brewing Company.  The canning operation had been damaged last year in a fire.  Nice article from the Utica Observer-Dispatch on the news, as well a few reader comments and notes on a storage expansion at the brewery.

3 thoughts on “Utica Club again canned in Utica

  1. How’s it going? This is Ryan from the F.X. Matt Brewing Co in Utica, NY (brewers of Saranac). I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for getting the word out about some of our Saranac beers and events.
    Also, I wanted to let you know that we’re going to be doing some virtual tastings with Fred and Nick Matt whose family has operated the Brewery for over 100 years. So be on the lookout for those (coming in September). We’re hoping to get other bloggers to weigh in on our seasonals as well.
    Finally, we’re also going to be putting together some opportunities exclusively for bloggers in the near future, so if you might like to be involved, please drop me an e-mail and we can discuss it more.
    Thanks again for sharing Saranac with your readers!

  2. Ryan,
    I just wanted to take a moment to say how great it is that the F.X. Matt Brewing Co has so resoundingly embraced social media as a way to promote the Saranac brand. We readers really appreciate the effort that bloggers like Blake put into sites like this and to have representatives of the breweries contribute via comments and forum posts really keeps us engaged.
    Thanks again and thanks for keeping craft beer alive in Central New York!

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