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Busy weekend ahead, so this one’s a little early.  But robust.

NY Craft Beer Examiner
4 Beers I Am Pissed I Can’t Get in New York
I’m torn between being shocked that there are four beers that are hard to get in NYC, and playing a tiny violin for someone living in one of the greatest cities on earth but still finds something to complain about :)

Economy unleashes ‘perfect storm’ for boutique beer
Okay… so not a blog.  Far from it.  But a good story out of New York about how craft beer is positioned in the current economy.  Earthshattering, no.  But did you know that beer tastes good and is cheaper than wine?  Huh. Drinks Blog
The number of American breweries reaches a 100-year high
While large, corporate breweries dwindle, the total number has reached a 100-year high.  New York State boasts at least 60 of the nation’s 1,525 breweries.

My Hops Harvest Video
Locally grown hops and a locally made harvest video.  Looks good, and I may be soon be harvesting my first crop!

One thought on “This week in blog and internets

  1. “I wouldn’t say that (beer) has the same complexity (as wine), but it’s not supposed to,” said Saillard, who is French. “It’s unpretentious. You don’t need to know the grape.”
    Pretentious much? Ha.

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