Papazian visits upstate New York, verdict?

Two recent articles from Examiner columnist Charlie Papazian caught my eye.  One gives a glowing review of the FX Matt (Saranac) Brewery in Utica, NY, and the other acknowledges the good work being done in Cooperstown by Brewery Ommegang.  Homebrewers are familiar with Papazian as an author and the face of homebrewing advocacy for decades.

Papazian makes the strong statement that “there’s no other brewery in America that reveals the history and transition of America’s brewery culture better than the Saranac-Matt Brewing Company.”

You can read the full column of his Saranac visit here.

As of Brewery Ommegang, Papazian says it “combines the charm of Belgium and the rural fabric of America in formulating a unique local beer culture.”

You can read the full column of his Ommegang visit here

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