Impromptu NY beer weekend

Friday and Saturday started off what has become an unofficial NY beer weekend.  Friday  was a going away night in Saratoga that started out at The Olde Saratoga Brewing Co. where I got to try to their new IPA.  An added bonus was that the tastings were free while we were there.

Saturday started out with a nice time on a friend’s deck, more Saratoga IPA in hand.  Incidentally, the beer tasted even better a little warmer than it was served at the official tasting room.  I also got to try Butternuts‘ Heinweisse which had previously evaded me.

Next stop was a couple thoughtful enough to bring back two growlers from the Keuka Brewing Company: Full Sail Stout Ale and Hoppy Laker IPA.  What, is it my birthday or something?  Thanks!  Plus a taste of Ithaca Beer’s Nut Brown Ale.

Who knows… there’s still some time left in the weekend, too.

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