This week in blog

This week in blog has been suffering the last few weeks.  Blame it on a trip to Scotland.  But it’s back now.

The Foaming Head
Shmaltz Releases Mermaid Pilsner
A draft-only summer attraction for New Yorkers.

Brooklyn Homebrew
Market Research Day
A new enterprise in Brooklyn looks for some survey help.

The Brew Club
Saranac Belgian White – Beer Review
The Saranac beer gets dissed.

Ubu Ale
The best recommendation ever given by a bartender. Short entry.

Logistically Speaking
1812 Ale
The most exciting part of a trip to Watertown.  This was posted May 31st.  Sue me.

Drinks – A Post-Standard blog
New Empire Brewing Co. beer: A summer ale with “noble” Hallertau hops
Traditional AND unusual?

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