Ommegang charity event features Huey Lewis and the News

huey.jpgHow much would you pay for an open bar of Ommegang, premium h’ordeuvres, hobknobbing with ESPN celebs and a performance by Huey Lewis and the News?

If you answered $195, in addition to being eerily correct, you will also be excited about this Catskill Area Hospice charity event hosted at Brewery Ommegang on July 1st.

A little rich for my blood, but the main character from American Psycho would be there with bells and whistles.

From the official PDF invite:

Guaranteed to sell out, The Hospice Celebrity Party is unique to any other event in Upstate New York. It’s the perfect opportunity to join others who believe in the mission of hospice and have an amazingly fun time doing it! This all-inclusive ticket includes an open bar with an extensive menu featuring a shrimp bar, cold appetizer table, array of passed hors’ doevres, flat iron steak glazed with bourbon sauce, marinated roast breast of chicken, seafood stuffed sole with Tuscan cream sauce, scallops and shrimp, citrus-infused wild rice, spicy carrots, cold bacon red potato and vegetable salad mélange. Meet and mingle with ESPN and other sports celebrities, bid on exciting silent and live auction items, including couple’s getaway, sports memorabilia and a 2010 Super Bowl Package. Then, enjoy an up-close and personal performance by Grammy Award Winning Artists Huey Lewis and the News!

Tickets are $195. For more information call 607-432-6773.

7 thoughts on “Ommegang charity event features Huey Lewis and the News

  1. What ESPN celebrities? Too rich for my blood as well but might be a great deal depending on the “celebrities”. Unless of course Erin Andrews will be there, then I will be there.

  2. Your missing out….Its about raising money you loser. Get a life. Hospice does amazing things for dying people and there living families!

  3. Your missing out….Its about raising money you loser. Get a life. Hospice does amazing things for dying people and there living families!

  4. Where in my post did I say that I did not support the fundraiser or think it is a good idea? Where did I say hospice is a bad thing or that I am against donating.
    All I said is that $150 is a steep price tag these days and if you are going to partly justify the price tag with the use of “celebrities” you might want to use actual “celebrities”.
    The people who are puting this on put almost as much emphasis on the celebrities as the cause so if you want to blindly criticize someone maybe you should start there.
    Read and think critically and intelligently before you criticize someone, and most importantly do not do it anonymously. Your entitled to your opinion but let us know who you are.
    If you can easily afford the $150 god bless, but to some of us donating $1 to the firemen who are doing a coin drop is just fine.
    Especially when we don’t criticize others who don’t.

  5. Anonymous: I think you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone against raising money for Hospice… but it’s fair to acknowledge this particular event has a prohibitive price tag for many people, and may not align with everyone’s tastes. That said, I’m sure it will be a success, and that’s great.

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