June 1st may be beginning of the end for Cooperstown Brewing Co.

An article from Oneonta’s The Daily Star sent shivers down my spine.  The Cooperstown Brewing Co. may go out of business if the bottle bill goes through.

From the article:

If New York’s new bottle law takes effect June 1 as planned, the Cooperstown Brewing Co. may go out of business. “The law’s a nightmare, and there’s no way I can comply,” said President Stan Hall, whose brewery is home to Old Slugger and other beers.

I have visited the Cooperstown Brewing Co. several times.  About a mile from Ommegang, it it makes the second half of a perfect beer-tasting road-trip.  The brewery has a family-operated feel to it that endears it to visitors who are greeted by the resident dog and cat.  The Old Slugger beer is a personal favorite of mine, and of many others.

Hopefully this is not the end of the road for a great small business.

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