Plenty of Brooklyn at Rochester Jazz Festival

The Rochester Jazz Festival will have plenty of Brooklyn beer available, according to the Brooklyn Brewery, a sponsor of the event.  Several venues will feature Brooklyn beer and it will also be available at beer trailers between East Ave. and Chestnut St. and East Ave. and Alexander St. Some festival numbers: 800: Performers150: Shows9: Days…

Brewery fire, one year later

The Utica Observer-Dispatch has a look back at the fire at the FX Matt Brewery, where Saranac is made.  The article includes a sizable Q&A with CEO Nick Matt and a quite a few comments from the local fanclub.

Saranac Thursdays begin this week

It’s tuesday, and in less than 48 hours Saranac Thursdays will officially kick off at the FX Matt Brewery in Utica, NY. Gates open at 5pm and admission is $5, which also secures your first drink. is calling for a high of 74 degrees and thunderstorms- not exactly conducive to outside imbibing, but perhaps the outlook will…

New cherry seasonal from Southern Tier

The Drinks blog on recently announced Southern Tier’s new Imperial Cherry Saison, a seasonal offering.  Cherry flavored beers have never been a big hit with me, especially when the word “cherry” is part of the beer’s name.  But, Southern Tier makes some great beer (just finished a sixpack of the IPA, top-notch) and I consider…

Eco-friendly breweries

This article from the Center for American Progress highlights breweries with eco-friendly practices.  A few highlights: Brooklyn Brewery – 100% wind-poweredWolaver’s (Vermont) – Sources local ingredientsBelgium Brewing – Gives employees bicyclesSierra Nevada – Produces biofuel Interesting stuff… see the article for more details and more environmentally friendly business practices being used.

“Stop for a pint” in Lake Placid

The New York Post published a guide to 100 places to go less than six hours from NYC.  Coming in at #79 is Lake Placid.  Among the things to do?  Getting a pint, of course.  I twittered this link yesterday, but felt it deserves a mention on ye olde blog. Read the feature here.

Bite into this Lake Placid barleywine dinner

Going to be in the Lake Placid area?  From the official site of the Lake Placid Pub & Brewery (makers of Ubu Ale): 2009 Barleywine Dinner at the Pub will be Wednesday June 3rd at 6:30pm.  Contact or come by the Pub for tickets.  Five vintages of Twice Bitten Barleywine (2004-2008) plus our first…

Charleston enjoys Saranac growlers

From an article in the Charleston City Paper: I found several shelves’ worth of tasty Saranac Pale Ale in 32 oz. growlers on sale for $2.77 a pop at a local Piggly Wiggly last week. It was a killer bargain too sweet to pass up… Read more here.

Saranac Thursdays band lineup announced

Every Thursday beginning May 28th, thousands of beer lovers will descend upon the brewery district in Utica, NY to enjoy the summer staple that is Saranac Thursdays. Saranac Thursdays are one part beer, one part socializing and one part music.  And now the band lineup has been posted to the Saranac events page - be sure to…