Tickets purchased to TAP New York

TAP New York.  A good time?  At $54 a ticket, I sure hope so.  Purchased the tickets today without doing a lot of research, but the event this Saturday, April 25th (and 26th) looks like it should be a good time.  From the official Website:

The Hudson Valley Beer & Fine Food Festival, Inc. invites all to TAP New York at Hunter Mountain. Craft breweries and brewpubs from across the state will be participating in the most prestigious beer and fine food event in New York. Admission to TAP New York includes your special souvenir tasting glass for trying out the over 100 beers representing many styles. You’ll also get to sample gourmet foods, plus cooking demonstrations and much more.

Sunday tickets are also available for $45.  Prices go up the day of the event, so if you’d like to go, it’s a good idea to order soon.

Anyone reading this attend before?  Anything a newbie should know about?

4 thoughts on “Tickets purchased to TAP New York

  1. Last year was the first year I attended. About an hour in, I turned to Mrs.FoamingHead and said “For the rest of my life we will never miss the event.” $54 is pricey but some of the beers being poured are phenominal and when you factor in the free food it becomes a bargain.
    We will have a booth there this year both days. Our blog also has a preview post that I am updating with the beers being pored as I find out.

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