12 beers too soon

12beers.jpgIt’s not summer, yet.  But I jumped the gun and picked Saranac’s 12 Beers of Summer anway.  As previously posted, the collection includes four new brews: Helles, Rye Pilsener, Amber Wheat, and Pale Pale Ale.  It also contains the Pomegranate Wheat and Summer Ale.  Fruit-flavored beer isn’t my favorite, but the Pomegranate Wheat isn’t bad, and I enjoy the Summer Ale, too.

As of tonight I’ve now tried the Pale Pale Ale, Rye Pilsener and Amber Wheat, and my first impresssion is that I bought this 12-pack too early.  These are light-bodied beers intended to refresh on a hot summer day.  April in New York doesn’t qualify.  

That said, my surprise favorite is the Rye Pilsener.  Pilseners usually rank low for me, but the Rye Pilsener had a simple tastiness.  The Amber Wheat I can live without, and I’ll be sure to give the Pale Pale Ale a fair shot on a hot summer day.  But for at least another month or two, I’ll be sticking to something bolder.

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