Too many hops?

Hop stocks are up 24% this year, on the heels of a 32% increase in hop acreage in the United States according to this article from Capital Press based in Salem, Oregon.

From my perspective, I hope this translates into lower prices at the store.  It seems that prices are always going up, and then stay up.  Like Hersheys!  (Don’t mind me).

Having more hops than they can sell will be bad for farmers, but there’s still time to see how this pans out. From the article:

Last year, beer sales increased about one-half of one percent, to $101 billion, according to the Brewers Association. Within that industry, the craft brewing sector – which includes microbreweries and brewpubs – grew by more than 10 percent in sales, to $6.3 billion…


2 thoughts on “Too many hops?

  1. Total U.S. hop acreage jumped about 32 percent

    Um… wow? Isn’t that… you know, like… a lot?

    I guess it’ll be good for buyers, but hop-growers must be nervous.

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