St. Patrick’s day and beer? Odd Combination.

Well, today’s St. Patrick’s Day.  And until Guinness succeeds in it’s lobby to make the day a national holiday, most of us probably have to work.  Not me, but that’s another story.  Technically I celebrated St. Patrick’s by going to a parade last Saturday morning.  You may have as well, or may be going to something similar this coming Saturday.

There’s a lot to think about, beer-wise.  There’s the obvious beverage options to show your pride and/or blend in enough to avoid confrontation with a drunk guy wearing a lot of green out to prove he’s the most legit leprechaun on the block. Aforementioned Guinness, Harp, Killian, Smithwicks, etc. will all do the job just fine.  Or some Budweiser with green food-coloring. Erin Go Bragh!

I ended up having Hennepin.  This actually worked out pretty well.  Flavorful, but not too heavy for the morning hours.  I had a Dogfish Head, too, but not sure how that fits into the equation.  Someone I was with also tried Saranac’s newish Irish Red Ale.  Not a bad choice for combining blatant Irish appeal with a New York beer.  On Twitter, @DrinkCraftBeer gave me a good suggestion, “Sixpoint’s Sweet Action for an all day session beer…”

That’s really what it’s all about; being able to drink a tasty beer that won’t kick your ass.  I’m all for a Guinness and the like, but self-admittedly, I’m not quite Irish enough to enjoy something that thick in the morning hours.  After noon, all bets are off.  If I had a brought a vial of green food coloring with me, I could have done a hack-job and Irished up my Hennepin.  Next time.

A footnote: In Brooklyn today and looking for a few St. Patrick’s Day drinking buddies?  Check out this Meet-up I was alerted to (thanks). 


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