Labatt USA headquarters to remain in Buffalo

I understand that this may not fall under the umbrella of “craft beer,” but it’s heartening economic news for another depressed upstate city.  Plus, it ties into the KPS purchase of High Falls.

The Buffalo News writes that Labatt USA will remain headquartered in Buffalo, and in these days of economic turbulence, not having bad news is good news in its own right.  And, a representative of KPS is quoted as saying more local jobs may be added. 

So cheers to Buffalo.

One statistic in particular caught my eye:

The Labatt and Anheuser- Busch families of brands are the two biggest sellers in Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. About half of the sales of Labatt-brand beers in the United States are to customers in those three upstate markets.

That’s a lot of rice! Geographically, it makes sense, but I’m starting to wonder if I should have started a “Bud and Blue Blog” for pure readership.  As it turns out, writing about great tasting beer is like drinking great tasting beer- it’s just more interesting.  So no worries, I’ll be sticking with the craft beer concept. 

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