Custom BrewCrafters & libertarianism

I was poking around Buttle’s Beer Blog (a great blog out of Rochester that links to us, hurrah) and thought I would share an interesting post that mentions Custom Brewcrafters in Honeoye Falls, NY (near Rochester) and reviews their St. Patrick’s Irish Ale.

The business model for Custom Brewcrafters intrigued me.  From the official site:

Custom BrewCrafters introduced to the market in 1997 an innovative micro-brewing concept in which they have partnered with dozens of local restaurant and tavern owners in offering unique signature craft-brews custom designed for each establishment.

If I am ever in Honeoye Falls again, I think I will be giving them visit.

While your checking out the blog, also check out the post and link to an article about the legalization of homebrewing from the libertarian magazine, Reason, for a good read.

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