Another spin on Kid Rock’s craft beer

kidrock.jpgKid Rock
is “designing” his own craft beer with the Michigan Brewing Co., according to an article from the Detroit Free Press:

The beer’s name, style and pricing are yet to be decided. Kid Rock is working closely with Mason (the brewer) on the design, naming and style of the beer…

I’m almost afraid to see what they come up with, but maybe they could break some new ground with adjuncts.  Skunkweed, an edible plant that grows near streams and tastes like its name implies might be an interesting, fitting choice.  (I want credit if they run with this idea).

Granted, this isn’t exactly New York related except that the beer will be distributed in the state.  But it did get me thinking… why not combine home-grown celebrities with local brewers and come up with some new craft beers to stimulate the state economy?

A few ideas to get the gears turning:


vegas_club.jpgSteve Wynn + Matt Brewing Co. = Wynn’s Vegas Club Pilsener

Raised in Utica, Steve Wynn is a bajillionaire Vegas entrepeneur.  You may recognize a few of his ventures including The Mirage, Treasure Island, and the Bellagio.  Combined with the classic Utica Club, we get the new Wynn’s Vegas Club.  Special adjuncts could include gold flakes, like in Goldschl├Ąger.  It would also be light-bodied, and easy-to-drink reminscent of watered-down casino cocktails.


Tom Cruise + Empire Brewing Co. = Tom’s Top-Hop ESB

tomcruze.jpgBorn in Syracuse, this celebrity powerhouse needs no introduction.  I’m thinking a super-hopped ESB that plays off of his Top Gun days, and also his current status of crazy couch hopping.  This started off as an IPA, but given the uncertain future of his star-power, Extra Special Bitter just sounds better.


Kristen Wiig + High Falls Brewery = Saturday Night Lager

wiig.jpgFans of Saturday Night Live will be familiar with comedian and Rochester native Kristen Wiig.  Saturday Night Lager will be an eccentric brew that is fun to drink for a while but may grow repetitive over frequent imbibings.


I’m imagining there are better possibilities out there, so if you think of one, please share.

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